Test Time and Registration Time

Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters will release, at the end of each year, the HSK schedules for Chinese test centers all over the world, and the test date at each center may be slightly different.

The beginning date of registration for each test shall be at least one month prior to the test date, and the registration shall be ended 20 days prior to the test.

 2017 HSK Test Dates: April 22, November 11

Test Registration

Please go to this link for test registration: HSK REGISTRATION

Please refer to the "HSK Registration Procedure and Regulations" below for step-by-step registration instructions.

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Test Cost and Payment

TestCost (USD)
HSK Level 1$20
HSK Level 2$30
HSK Level 3$40
HSK Level 4$50
HSK Level 5$60
HSK Level 6$70

*Only offline payment is accepted. Please bring your payment (cash or check) to the Confucius Institute office or send a check by mail.

In-person: please visit Confucius Institute (260A) Education Building, 1310 S 6th St, Champaign IL to make your payment (cash or check). 

Mail by check: please make the check payable to "University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign" and mail it to Jian Zhang, Confucius Institute (260A) Education Building, 1310 S 6th St, Champaign IL 61820.

Candidate’s Photo

As for any test requiring an ID photo, the picture provided by the candidate should meet the following requirements:

The photo should be taken recently and reflect the current appearance of the candidate,
Candidate should not be wearing a hat or head covering that obscures the hair or hairline.
Photo should be taken in front of a white background.
Photo should be Black-white or color photo
Showing the front face of test taker clearly
Showing the head and the upper part of shoulder of the test taker

If the test taker provides an electronic photo, the following specifications apply:

    Format: JPG/GIF/PNG
    File size: below 100KB
    Upload of electronic photo:
    After logging on to the registration website, the test taker may upload the electronic photo according to the instructions, then the photo can be shown on the test taker’s test admission ticket and other relevant certificates possibly obtained after the test. The test taker who uploads the electronic photo need not prepare the hardcopy photo.

If the test taker provides the hardcopy photo, the following specifications apply:

Quantity: 2
Size: 40mm×30mm (standard 2-inch)
On the back of the photo, the following information shall be indicated: Test taker’s name, test center code and test taker’s registration number.
The test taker who cannot provide the electronic photo should prepare two paper photos according to the above requirements. One photo should be affixed at the correct place of the test admission ticket after the test taker gets or prints his/her test entry card, and the other should be submitted to the proctor responsible for identity inspection when the test taker enters the test room on the test date.

Test Admission Ticket 

After registration, the test taker will receive the confirmation information around 15 days prior to the test date and may log on the registration website to print out the test admission ticket. Alternatively, he/she can obtain the test admission ticket at the exam outlet where he/she gets registered.

The information on test admission ticket shall include the test taker’s name, citizenship, gender, ID type and number, test subjects, test time, test center, test location, and test room, etc.

The test taker shall carefully check whether the information on the test admission ticket is accurate and correct after receiving it. The name, gender, birth date and ID card number on the test admission ticket must be consistent with those on the valid certificate, otherwise the test taker shall be refused to take part in the exam.

If the information on the test admission ticket is incorrect, please do not alter it without authorization. On the test date, after the chief examiner verifies that the information is indeed inaccurate, the test taker may alter it under the chief examiner’s supervision, and the examiner shall affix his/her signature on the test admission ticket for verification, otherwise his/her exam shall be rendered invalid.

The test admission ticket is the certificate for entering the test room to take the test and shall not be discarded by the test taker after the exam. The test admission ticket shall be shown when the test taker asks for or inquires about the score report or certificate. Generally, the registration number on the test admission ticket shall also be provided to get value added services, such as online results enquiry and supplement of score report.