CI-UIUC has partnerships with Hanban(汉办)and Jiangxi Normal University (江西师范大学).

Hanban(Confucius Institute Headquarters), as a public institution affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education, is committed to providing Chinese language and cultural teaching resources and services worldwide, it goes all out in meeting the demands of foreign Chinese learners and contributing to the development of multiculturalism and the building of a harmonious world

Jiangxi Normal University, a higher education institute in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China, has one of the best psychometrics programs in China. Academic exchanges between UIUC and JXNU date back to 2009, with the founding of the CI at UIUC further promoting the cultural and academic interactions between the two institutions. A number of scholars from Jiangxi Normal University visited UIUC and conducted research on testing and measurement under supervision of Dr. Hua-Hua Chang. They also actively engaged in the HSK research at CI-UIUC. In December 2014, 13 UIUC doctoral students and faculty formed a delegation to attend a 10-day Chinese Language Testing Technology Research and Exchange winter camp in China, during which the delegation presented at an academic exchange conference at JXNU, the co-sponsor of the trip. In 2015, a group of students from Jiangxi Normal University attended the newly established Educational Measurement Master’s Program at the UIUC Department of Education.